The Federal Bureau of Investigation created its own encrypted device company and distributed thousands of devices to alleged criminals worldwide.

PayPal apparently shut down a Tor supporter’s account in response to activities supporting Tor, according to the EFF.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency apprehended more than 500 people suspected of buying or selling drugs on the darkweb.

A man living in California was sentenced to federal prison for laundering up to $25 million through LocalBitcoins and a network of Bitcoin ATMs.

A Washington man was sentenced to federal prison for selling heroin through darkweb marketplaces. Zachary Madding, 31, of Mill Creek, Washington, admitted selling heroin through AlphaBay and Dream Market under the username PerpetualEuphoria.

The Memmingen district court sentenced three Germans for selling marijuana through a darkweb market vendor account named “LenasBioLaden.”

A federal grand jury indicted six individuals for charges stemming from the sale of psychedelic mushroom analogues on the darkweb.

An Australian man was sentenced to more than a decade in prison for masterminding a dark web drug trafficking operation that sold drugs worth approximately $17 million.

In Scotland’s first darkweb drug trafficking sentencing, two men were sentenced to prison for supplying large quantities of drugs through the darkweb. The case marked Scotland’s first conviction of darkweb drug dealers.

A New York man admitted selling more than $1 million worth of opioids and counterfeit currency on darkweb markets.