A New Hampshire drug dealer was sentenced to five years in prison for reselling drugs purchased on the darkweb.

A fraudster in California will spend more than three years in federal prison for using stolen information purchased on the darkweb to fraudulently receive more than $500,000 in COVID-19 benefits.

A 57-year-old Swiss man who formerly worked for the police denied selling diverted police weapons on the darkweb.

The Italian Postal and Communication Police arrested an Italian man who allegedly hired a hitman on the darkweb to assault his ex-girlfriend.

Signal has partnered with a cryptocurrency that believes the government has a role in regulating private transactions between citizens.

Police in the UK raided properties associated with a group accused of selling MDMA on the darkweb. EncroChat was involved.

The Helsinki District Court imprisoned a Finnish man for conspiring with others to import drugs and sell them through darkweb markets.

An Irish man was given a suspended prison sentence after he admitted purchasing marijuana on the darkweb to resell. He also admitted laundering €26,000.

Tal Prihar, the administrator of the darkweb news site DeepDotWeb, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Three drug dealers in France received suspended sentences for their roles in a conspiracy to resell drugs purchased on the darkweb.