Versus staff /u/WilliamGibson posted the following message on /d/Versus:This is a post i hoped to never make but the foundation of Versus is honesty and transparency to our members.

As of today, July 10th, we were hacked and a majority of bitcoin held in escrow was stolen.

We immediately took down the market and confirmed that no sensitive has been compromised. We are committed to identifying the vulnerability that was exploited and will not go back online until this is solved.

We know many of you are reading this and worried about your funds. We are going to do our best to make up for it just like we did with the lost XMR, either through refunds , reduced fees, free ads and more.
We also want to remind everyone that this is an unfortunate example of why MS is so important , your funds simply cannot be stolen.
Multisig payments are NOT affected and can be received with the presigned and timelocked raw transactions we provided vendors with.

To be perfectly clear: When we get back we will enforce multisig payments.

We know some of you may scream exit scam and we expect that. We aren’t going anywhere and will be back stronger and more secure than ever. We live, we learn.
The Versus Project is a lot more than just a market and we won’t abandon our vision.

To our community , thank you for sticking with us.