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Review of Money Team http://2epkfgmtjycqhecq.onion/


 Looking for a trusted vendor on the Deep-Web that actually delivers what he promises? Look no further ! In this article we will review Money Team

It took us a while to find us a reliable vendor , we did the test for you . Money-Team sells Skrill,Paypal,Western Union Transfers , CC info , Paypal accounts and even offers Cyber Attacks for a verry low price. Fast-Transfers is same like using any other darknet market , it has integrated Bitcoin,Monero,Zcash wallets and has a fast and good support .


To get started u need Bitcoins first u can buy them on https://localbitcoins.com . Money-Team is verry straight forward and eazy to use . At the left on the screen u can select "Create an account" . And soon you did that u will get confirmation


Now after registering and after you have logged in you will see a wallet appear in the upper left corner . Click on that to add funds .



You can deposit on the BTC address displayed or you can even scan the QR code .




After 20 minutes your funds have arrived and you can start shopping!! We purchased the Paypal Account and received it within the hour . All credentials were valid.



For security reasons we will not show our order ofcourse but we were happy that we finally found a legit vendor. 5/5 stars from our side. Zcash and Monero are implemented for extra security . We can only recommend this seller to anyone !! Stop getting scammed !! Seller answered within 2 houres and delivered.