A sicko who was 23 years of age with name Alexander Barter was snared up by a very well-plotted plan by a public safety agency.


The Plot :

When the department observed strange cannibalistic advertisements posted by Alexander Barter stating that if you want to be killed by me, I am in the US so you can contact me. He further says that he would like to try necrophilia and cannibalism and see how it feels to take a life.

Then a public safety agent who saw the vile ad swapped a series of messages for ten days with Barter while posing as a dad with a young daughter in Florida. Then hearing to this, Barter asked details about her daughter. He asked about her age.

The Plan

He even told the plan to lure her to a hotel so that he can cannibalise her, and after that, he can have sex with the corpse. Barter further instructed the agent to execute this plan smoothly and successfully. So he insisted him to buy a burner phone and new clothes to wear after the murder before returning home and reporting her missing.

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As planned, everything was well executed. Criminal minded Barter waited in the hotel handling a knife. But as expected FBI showed up to the scene and arrested

Final Judgement :

Prosecutor Joseph Brown said that listening to such crimes will make us realize that evil exists in society. He further thanks the police department to show up early and make sure that the crime is prevented. Barter is awaiting sentence after pleading guilty to attempted coercion and enticement of a minor in October 2018 and distributing child porn. So will be facing a minimum of 20 years to a maximum of 40 years of life in jail.

Prosecutors finally conclude about this crime that this is a lesson to be learnt for all the parents to have continuous knowledge of their child in dark web kind websites so that they are not involved in such horrific crimes.