How do I get into the darknet?

Here is a step by step guide

1: Download & Install Tor Browser Download Link
2: A secure email address for the darknet. DNMX - Dark Net Mail Exchange (Tor Browser)
3: Now you have access to the Darknet! Follow the secure websites directory below. These pages are verified and protect you from fraud!
4: To make purchases you need bitcoin! You can buy Bitcoin at Bitpanda! BitPanda (Clearnet)
5: To send and receive the Bitcoin you need a wallet. This can be easily done at Electrum. Download Electrum Wallet

Link directory

Best verified Darknet websites

The Hidden Wiki: http://ndntmfusjmj6tkpl.onion/
Large web pages link directory for the darknet

.onion Facebook: https://facebookcorewwwi.onion/
Darknet version of Facebook. It doesn't make you truly anonymous but it masks your location

Tor Scam List: http://rap7gypjs4v6a7ax.onion/
Information about verified websites and fraudsters list

TorDex: http://tordex7iie7z2wcg.onion/
Modern search engine with a great amount of indexed sites - it's like Google of Darknet

Here's info how to upload sensitive data to WikiLeaks using TOR

PopBuy Market: http://nu5grt6sqv4imico.onion/
Verified Darknet market with escrow service!

BTrade - Bitcoin Investment: http://mattzm5pzbaesxlj.onion/
The easiest solution to invest in shares and multiply them with bitcoin

DNMX - Dark Net Mail Exchange: http://m6ssh6ejcsppepa5.onion/
Verified Darknet email provider