In response to a sentencing appeal in a drug case, a Circuit Judge warned a convicted drug dealer that “Postal Inspectors are watching.“

Michael David Hough, 30, admitted that he had purchased LSD, MDMA, and cocaine on the darkweb. Vendors had shipped the drugs to Hough’s home address.

The United States Internal Revenue Service is offering $625,000 for Monero-tracing software, according to a recently published proposal request.

A U.S. District Judge sentenced Anthony Blane Byrnes, 19, to 71 months in prison for trafficking drugs he had purchased on the darkweb.

An Irish man convicted of purchasing explosives, a handgun, and ammunition on Alphabay lost an appeal against his original conviction and prison sentence.

An Australian man was sentenced to eight months in prison after pleading guilty to attempting to import drugs into Australia via darkweb markets.

Two members of a darkweb drug trafficking group that operated from the Netherlands as well as from Germany received prison sentences for shipping packages of drugs to customers worldwide.

A Dominican Republic man accused of running a large-scale online drug trafficking operation was extradited to the US where he is charged in a three-count indictment.

A United States judge sentenced Bryan Connor Herrell—a former moderator of the Alphabay darkweb marketplace to 11 years in prison.

CipherTrace, a self-described “Blockchain Forensics Team,” reportedly created “Monero tracing” toolsfor the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Below is the relevant portion of the press release (also available here).