Someone transferred 69,370 Bitcoins, worth about one billion dollars, from a wallet associated with the Silk Road darkweb marketplace.

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the General Public Prosecutor’s Office in Frankfurt am Main and Central Office for Combating Internet Crime (ZIT), and other law enforcement agencies seized Telegram groups used as illicit marketplaces.

A United States District Judge sentenced a Louisiana man to 120 months in prison for accessing material depicting child abuse on a darkweb forum.

A 38-year-old was sentenced at Rosenheim District Court to two years and ten months in prison for ordering heroin and cocaine on the darkweb.

Two money launderers were sentenced to prison for laundering more than 16 million euros worth of Bitcoin. One received a two year sentence and the other received a two and a half year sentence.

Eight defendants are facing charges for “aiding and abetting criminals in some 249,000 illegal online transactions involving drugs, contract killings, money laundering and images of child abuse worth millions of euros.”

The Upper Austria State Police Directorate announced the arrest of a man suspected of importing and reselling drugs he purchased on the darkweb.

They did the RICO, according to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. An extensive investigation led by law enforcement in Florida resulted in the arrest of two suspected darkweb vendors.

Aaron Michael Shamo, 30, 0f of Cottonwood Heights, Utah, led a nation-wide darkweb drug trafficking operation that distributed hundreds of thousands of counterfeit pills to customers throughout the United States.

A jury found a Watford man guilty of trying to purchase grenades from an undercover FBI agent on the darkweb. Mohammed Humza, 29, of Watford failed to appear for his trial and was found guilty